Work and Play

The days are longer here, but we are finding this to always be a good thing. As darkness doesn’t arrive until after 10:30 pm, time is on the students’ side to do both what they need and what they like to do.  The drawing session are rigorous and require a stillness and degree of concentration that would make most people squirm.  These seven dedicated students however have not once questioned the need to spend seven hours a day on their work.  They are using both traditional and unfamiliar mediums and methods, challenging themselves, and creating an artistic dialogue with the other students and their teachers.  Such good work is balanced with enough free time that the students are able to re-energize themselves while taking in some wonderfully authentic experiences.  For example, during one of their breaks yesterday, they actually all played an energized game of cat and mouse with our children.  Legs, bikes, and even Remy’s favorite “mobile” were employed, and this game went on long beyond dusk.  Without those extra hours of sunlight, it would be harder to find a balance of work and play.  We are grateful for the daylight and all that she affords us here.IMG_0353

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