Who are “You”?

In our Student Program:

You are between 14 and 19 years of age, with a serious interest in the arts and some experience behind you. You are hoping to start or build upon your portfolio. If you are looking to join our French course, you should be an advanced level language student and be ready for two weeks of putting that skill to practice!  No matter whether you want to take art or French, you should like to eat.  And you also have a passport or are very eager to get one.

Learn more about the 2023 Student Program


In our Adult Program:

Well, it’s not really a “program,” but you should be on time for dinner, as you’d regret it if you missed it!  You are a happy traveller, ready to enjoy a building that is gorgeous but without screens or airconditioning.  You love great food, appreciate a quiet village or a good day trip to a city, and are at least 21 years of age.  Also, you don’t need to be an artist for this one.  This trip is about food, drink, and camaraderie. Don’t forget that passport! More info HERE.


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