Pure Drawing:

What do we mean by Pure Drawing? Imagine yourself in a distraction-free setting — as “off the grid” as you can be. Quiet spaces, plein-air adventures, an opportunity to abandon yourself in this artistically enriching environment, sans all the outside interruptions of your normal daily grind. We want you to be able to focus on your drawing skills and talents and get back to basics in the purest way possible. We will even provide you with the tools you need to do it.  And no worries…there will be some paint and ink involved as well. Wifi and phone time are limited to help with this focus.


Idyllic Accommodations:

Vive le France!

Have you ever wanted to stay in a castle? Built during the Second Empire, the Chateau des Tertres at Mussy-sur-Seine boasts 10 bedrooms, two grande salons, two kitchens, a library, gardens, and the old saddle room, stables, and coach house of the original walled property. It is located in the Champagne region, in the charming village of Mussy, with access to parks, the river Seine, a boulangerie, a small marché, and a famed thirteenth-century Church.


Exquisite Cuisine

Each meal during your stay will be expertly prepared by award-winning certified executive chef, Wilfred Beriau (with desserts by Gigi!). You will enjoy three meals a day, beginning with a traditional French breakfast, followed by a picnic or sit down lunch, and concluding with a family-style dinner. Traditional le goûter, a classic French afternoon snack, will also be available daily. If you feel so inspired, you may even lend a hand in the kitchen, or just watch and learn as you wish.



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