Please help us as we aim to enrich the lives of these talented young people.

Thanks to the support of donors like you, we are able to offer scholarships and additional curriculum programming for our students each summer.  We hope to continue with these awesome opportunities, as we aim to make art education more available to talented young artists from all backgrounds and strengthen our program and offerings.

We seek scholarships at three levels:

Bleu: $5,000
A full scholarship and travel stipend for a student in need of financial assistance

Blanc: $3,950
Full tuition for one aid-seeking student

Rouge: $20 and up!                                                                                                                          The amount you choose will help with programming costs, student materials, museum visits, etc.

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Bleu – $5,000

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Blanc – $3,850

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We LOVE Venmo, but you can also use the paypal links above.

*Please note that because we are a small business LLC, your contributions are not tax deductible.