Welcome to L’Atelier au Château

Definition and Purpose of L’Atelier

In French, the word L’Atelier refers to the artist’s studio or workshop. It originally comes from the Latin word astella- which means “little splinter.” From this little splinter comes the idea of the wood shop, then ultimately, the workshop. Just uttering the term would make any Frenchman (or woman, of course), think not only of the space where an artist, sculptor, or craftsman would create their work, but also a place where creative thought flourishes, inspiration is born, and where artistic ideas are brought to life.

At L’Atelier, we will provide you with an opportunity to grow your ideas, sharpen your skills with expert advice, and develop or add to your portfolio as an art student or as a professional. Whether you are supplementing an AP portfolio or just re-exploring your passion for drawing, this program offers you the time, space, and guidance you need while providing a global experience through food, culture, and authentic accommodations and excursions.

By the way, if you’re having difficulty pronouncing “L’Atelier,” here’s a little help so that you can impress your friends and family when talking about the program:

“Lah- too- lee- ā”