Settling In

Seven students, two teachers, and a whole lot of sunshine has resulted in dozens of beautiful renderings already.  We have only had our full group since Sunday and already the artistic flow has been found.  For many of our students, it is their first time in France, and the inspiration is coming in from everywhere. New foods, new faces, new facades, new flora and fauna.  They have already begun to capture these things in their sketchbooks and tomorrow will start preparing larger scale images.   A subtle buzz of anxiety reminds them that they will be putting these works on display for the village in just over a week- but all enjoy the thrill of the challenge.

Tomorrow will mark our first day off-property, as we venture to a local mountain top to view and draw the vineyards from the peak.  The adventure will offer yet another new experience, but also let the kids look forward to “returning home to the chateau” that evening. Familiarity comes fast around here, and we always look forward to that.

A beintot!

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